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As retailers of wigs for over 25 years you can now enjoy the benefits of our NEW HEADWEAR DEPARTMENT from which you will receive the very best in both service and quality of products. We guarantee your total satisfaction with every purchase or a total refund. Any questions you may have can be answered by telephoning, faxing or emailing us on the numbers at the bottom of the page

This website is dedicated solely to headwear, turbans, head scarves bandanas and band wigs, all designed to offer an alternative or be complimentary to the wearing of a wig. Many people prefer to wear light weight cotton headwear around the home instead of their wig especially when cleaning or cooking. Our varied range of Turbans, headwear and headscarves means there is something to suit everyone for every occasion.

The collection of headwear, headscarves and turbans is a superb range of classical and fashionable ultra lightweight cotton and polyester products. They have been designed to provide you with a truly easy to wear product whilst providing a comfortable fit.

There are many thousands of people already enjoying the benefits of wearing our head scarves, turbans, bandanas and headwear due to thinning hair, alopecia, and cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy. We hope you will also enjoy the benefits of our service and products for the reasons listed below.

The Perfect Fit

These ultra lightweight thin cotton/polyester turbans, headscarves, bandannas and other headwear can be worn in seconds and provide an additional option to wearing a wig.

Why Buy On Line

  • PRIVACY - You can view our products in the privacy of your own home with no pressure or persuasion to buy.
  • CONVENIENCE- Ease of style selection from the photographs on our website
  • VALUE - Our collection of headwear, turbans, bandanas and headscarves represent outstanding value for money and by buying direct also you save traveling time and cost.

WHY BUY "Headwear4hairloss"

We have an extensive range of colours and styles that we hold in stock for IMMEDIATE DISPATCH, all in top quality easy to care for materials along with great value for money means we are the best place to purchase your headwear, headscarves, turbans or bandanas from. All these items are easy to wear and easy to take care of. We believe we offer the very best value for money when it comes to buying headwear, headscarves, turbans or bandanas

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Headwear4hairloss is division of Wigs4u is and Hair World UK Ltd
VAT Registration No 283 3836 36 .
Company registration No 4558409
Reg Office C/O 27-29 Old Market, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 1NE
Directors Anne Sargeant, Mervyn Sargeant, Keeley Sargeant, Victoria Bunting


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